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Hot Psychology Salon


Kathy (Psychology teacher)





Hot Psychology Salon

Kathy (Psychology teacher)

Since the beginning of the semester, we have been holding 5 successful psychology salons. Each time, about 60-70 students took active part in it. We have different topic for each salon, such as Meeting You at the Corner for the first time, which provided a platform for students to make more friends here in the new school. For the second time, we selected the topic of Team Spirit. On this salon, we made students experience the potential power of being together. And before the National Day, we held a salon on My Lost Wishes, which made all the students feel the kindness of their parents and learn how to say thanks to their parents. The whole salon was very impressive. Many students shared their love for parents and cried with touched tears. Before all the practice teachers left our school, we held another salon on Originality Competition which inspired every one’s creativity. During our daily class, some students asked us how to sleep well, because they can’t sleep well. We think it is a serious problem for students, for sleeping is very important for them to get energy. We held a salon on How to Sleep Well. All students shared their bewilderment on sleeping. Some of them said that their roommate always studied to the deep night with light on, they can’t sleep well. Some said that their roommate snored or ground their teeth in the sleep. And some said that they would have nightmare during the sleeping. After sharing, we played on a piece of music with hypnotic words to teach them how to relax themselves to sleep well. And those with nightmare can find us teachers after the salon.

From the passion of our students, we can see that psychology salon is very popular among the students. We hope we could do more for our students.

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