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Make Every Day a Fresh Start!-A Brief Introduction







Firstly in here, I’d like to express my gratitude towards all fellows who have done their part in setting up the “Start” students’ English club. Wish our club a bright future!

Make Everyday A Fresh Start

--Getting to Know the “Start” Students’ English Club

As with doing anything else, attitude appears the most important.

In Helen Keller’s renowned article Three Days to See, she says “We should live each day as if we should die tommorrow”, which is worth cherishing for good and spurs us to consider doing something meaningful every minute. The postitive attitude, which may lead to great success, will never stop following us, as long as we keep trying and challenging ourselves. And we just believe in making everyday a fresh start, despite how many days are left in the rest of our life. This ultimately brings constant vigorness to the brand new club in our school.

Besides a nice state of mind, skills are playing a vital role as well in this highly competitive society. There is no doubt that the predominance of mastering several different foreign languages can do you a world of good. There are no shortcuts, however, to acquire a good knowledge of a kind of language unless you’ve been paying relentless effort with your never-diminshing passion. Now get started—everyday is a fresh start, get yourself fall in love with studying, get yourself lost in learning English! Wish you all a gleeful moment when our words greet you every day.

We feel really honored to help you make English your common companion, delighted to arrouse your confidence, both in English and life, and excited to progress and grow together while having fun learning English with you. Everyday would be a fresh start, for you’ll wander about another fabulously wonderful world if you remember us everyday.

Our “Start” Students’ English Club is divided into two parts—“Share” English Edition Press and “Learn” English Club. All of the members in “Start” English Club are currently Senior 1 students, who are energetic, self-trusted, and definitely adept at English. It’s true that this group has successfully assembled elites to stay together. Each of us is looking forward to making friends with you. And any suggetsions and criticism are sincerely welcomed.

At last, hope you bear our motto in mind and blurt it out every morning:

Make Everyday A Fresh Start!

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