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实现人均国内生产总值到2020年比2000年翻两番 to quadruple the per capita GDP of the year 2000 by 2020

优化结构 to optimize the economic structure

提高经济效益 to improve economic returns

降低消耗 to reduce consumption of resources

保护环境 to protect the environment

生态文明 conservation culture

增长方式 pattern of growth

消费模式 mode of consumption

能源、资源节约型及环保型产业结构 energy- and resource-efficient and environment-friendly structure of industries

可再生能源 renewable energy resources

建设资源节约型、环保型社会 to build a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society

循环经济 circular economy

生态环境质量 ecological and environmental quality

停水 suspension of water supplies

收入分配制度 income distribution system

增加转移支付 to increase transfer payments

打破企业垄断 to break business monopolies

创立公平机会 to create equal opportunities

扭转收入差距扩大趋势 to reverse the growing income disparity

公平的收入分配 equitable income distribution

绝对贫困 absolute poverty

提高低收入群体的收入 to raise the income of low- income groups

社会公平 social equity

合理有序的收入分配模式 reasonable and orderly pattern of income distribution

最低工资 minimum wage

建立企业职工工资正常增长机制 to set up a mechanism of regular pay increases for enterprise employees

财产性收入 property income

保护合法收入,调节过高收入,取缔非法收入 to protect lawful incomes, regulate excessively high incomes and ban illegal gains

制定宏伟的经济社会发展目标 to chart ambitious goals of economic and social developments

软实力 soft power

民族凝聚力和创造力 national cohesion and creativity

综合国力 overall national strength

保障公民的基本文化权益 to guarantee the people's basic cultural rights and interests

给予正确导向,弘扬社会正气 to give correct guidance to the public and foster healthy social trends

发展和管理网络文化 to develop and manage Internet culture

培育良好的网络环境 to foster a good cyber environment

公益文化活动 nonprofit cultural programs

文化设施 cultural facilities

大力发展文化产业 to vigorously develop the cultural industry

文化产业基础 cultural industry bases

富有地方特色的文化产业 cultural industries with regional features

建立繁荣的文化市场 to create a thriving cultural market

设立国家荣誉制度,表彰有杰出贡献的文化工作者 to establish a national system of honors for outstanding cultural workers

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